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Accommodation in Shirdi

Avoid touts for getting accommodation. It is advisable to approach the Sansthan Accommodation Office, opposite to the Bus Stand. Apart from Sansthan Accommodation, there are plenty of Ashram Trusts / Dormitories /Hotels and Lodges. Sai Devotees are advised to approach them directly. There is a wide choice ranging from Sansthan Accommodation to Ashram Trusts / Dormitories to hotels/lodges in Shirdi suiting the budgets of all. The link for booking the accommodation is:



Dwarawati Bhaktiniwas

Dwarawati Bhaktiniwas:

This is situated next to the Dharmashala and just 2 minutes walk from the Bus Stand.


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Saibaba New Bhakta Niwas (500 Rooms):

This is situated at the left, on the way to Sainagar Railway Station and on the way to Kopergaon.

Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan is running a free Bus Service from Gate No.1 to Bhakta Niwas.


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New Bhakta Niwas (500 Rooms)

Saiprasad Bhaktaniwas -1 & 2:

The Saiprasad Bhaktaniwas 1 & 2 are located close to Samadhi Temple Complex on the northern side.

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Dharmashala Complex

The Dharmashala Complex is on south-west of the Mandir Complex & on west of the Bus-stand, hardly at the distance of 0.5 Kilometer from S.T. stand.

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Sai Ashram– Phase I  ( 1536 Rooms)

Sai Ashram Phase I is on the Nagar – Manmad State Highway towards Ahmednagar about 1 Kilometer away, towards South of the Saibaba Samadhi Mandir Complex.

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Sai Ashram– Phase II  ( 192 Dormitory Halls)

Sai Ashram Phase II is situated near New Prasadalaya Building on Nagar – Manmad State Highway towards Manmad about 1 Kilometer away North of the Saibaba Samadhi Mandir Complex.

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Sai Niwas

Sai Niwas VIP Guest House:

This is situated inside the old Prasadalaya Complex, behind Laddu Counter.

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Other Useful Information to Devotees

Offering / Donation:

Any offerings like ceremonial gifts or cloths are registered in the Donation Office of the Trust, before being offered in the temple. In case devotees wish to take back the offered cloth as a token of blessing, they need not register the same in the office. The offered cloths and articles come for sale at the sale counter of the trust. The public auction takes place on Thursday and Sunday around 10:00 am near the Satyanarayan puja hall.

The exact measurement details of sacred Cloths for offering on Saibaba's Samadhi & Statue and Crown Measurement are given below for the beneit of Sai Devotees:

Samadhi: Length 3 1/4 Meter; Width 1 1/4 Meter

Statute: Length 3 1/2 Meter; Width 1 1/4 Meter

Crown Size: 85 Cms (Round)

If a devotee wishes to donate cash, he/she should either deposit it in the Donation Office (with due receipt) or put it directly into one of the donation boxes, placed at all important places of temple complex.

The Sansthan has arranged for three donation counters: one in front of the Samadhi Mandir (adjacent SBI ATM counter), one opposite to Book Stall and one opposite Gate No.3 of the temple complex.

One useful tip to Sai Devotees, is that if a devotee makes a donation of Rs.21/- or above he will be given a packet of Udhi Prasadam and Shuntiwada Prasadam. Hence, Sai Devotees are advised to offer donations at the Donation Counter so that they will get the Udhi Prasadam and Shuntiwada Prasadm instead of offering the same in the Sansthan Hundi.

Life Membership:

Devotees can become Life Members by paying Rs.251/- and Patrons by paying Rs.1500/- to the Shri. Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi. The Sansthan will be sending Invitations during the 3 major festivals of Ramanavami, Gurupoornima and Vijayadashmi. Udhi Prasadam and Shuntiwada Prasadm will also be sent by post after the festival every year. Sai devotees are requested to make use of this facility provided by the Sansthan and become Life Members or Patrons of Shri. Saibaba Sansthan.

Photography / Video Recording:

Photography (still or movie) and Video Recording are strictly prohibited at all places like Samadhi Mandir, Museum, Parayan Hall, Dwarakamai and Chavadi.

Palki Utsav:

On every Thursday ‘Palki’ procession takes place at around 9:15 pm from Samadhi Mandir to Dwarkamai and then to Chavadi. On important occasions like Ram Navami , Dussehra , Guru Purnima, Shivratri, Ekadashi (Ashaad /Kartik) and Datta Jayanthi the ‘Palki’ goes around Shirdi town. Shej aarti (Night aarti) is offered only after the ‘Palki’ returns to the Samadhi temple.


Palki Utsav

Mobile / Camera / Handbags & Foot Wear Counter

Mobile / Camera / Handbags /  Footwear Counter Details:

Always keep your footwear safely at the footwear counter provided in the temple complex. If they are not deposited at the indicated place they may get lifted in no time!

Deposit all your mobile phones, cameras and hand bags at the mobile/camera counters maintained by the sansthan outside the temple complex.

Mobile/Camera/Handbags/Footwear Counters are located in the places mentioned below:


a. Opposite Gate No.1 b. Opposite Gate No.4 c. Opposite Sai Complex

The Sansthan charges a nominal fee of Rs.1/- per pair of Chappals/Shoes and Rs.2/- each for Mobiles/ Cameras/Handbags. Sai Devotees are requested to pay the amount and retain the receipt issued by Sansthan safely until they take back their belongings.


Priests / Workers of Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan:

All priests and workers in the temples are employees of the Shirdi Sai Sansthan. Therefore, no gifts or donations should be offered to them.



Shirdi Sai Sansthan Priests

Flowers / Garlands / Coconut / Rose Water & Saibaba Articles

Purchase of  Flowers / Garlands / Coconut / Rose Water / Saibaba Articles:

Be cautious about prices while buying Flowers, Garlands, Coconut, Rose Water, Saibaba Idols and other articles etc., (as a package) from the nearby shops. You may avoid being overcharged by them.


Feeding of Dog / Beggars:

Be cautious while you offer milk to dogs and food to beggars. You will be in for a lot of  harassment from them.




Prasad Counters

Prasad Counters:

Sai Devotees are advised to take Prasad only from the Prasad Counters run by Shri Sainath Employees Credit Co-Operative Society. The Prasad Counters are located in the following places.

a. Behind the five Samadhis b. Outside Gate No.2 c. Between the 3 Temples and the SBI ATM.

Laddu Counters:

A Laddu Counter is situated opposite Gate No.1, behind the Old Prasadalaya Building. Laddus are sold from Morning 6:00 am to Night 10:00 pm. The cost of each Laddu Packet is Rs.10/- only.



Laddu Counter

Udi Distribution Counter

Udi Distribution Counter:

Udi (sacred ash) is the most blessed thing to take home with you from this pilgrimage. It is distributed (1 Packet per person only) outside the Samadhi temple at the Udi Distribution Counter that is situated adjacent to Baby Feeding Room near Gate No.2. Udi Distribution Timings are as below:

Morning          :    6:00 am to 11:30 am
Afternoon       :    1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Evening          :    After Dhoop Aarti till 10:00 pm

Devotees may kindly note that “Butter mixed with Sugar” is distributed after Kakad Aarti. Prasad is also distributed after Shej Aarti at the same place.



Holy Abhishek Teertha:

Holy water (Abhishek Teertha) that is poured on Saibaba, Samadhi and Padukas during Mangal Snan of Saibaba is poured into a container that is kept outside the Samadhi Mandir Exit, just a few minutes after Kakad Aarti. Only a few lucky devotees will get a chance to taste the Holy Abhishek Teertha of Saibaba.


Book Stall

Book Stall  / Calendar / Dairy Sale Counters:

A Book Stall is situated opposite to Parayana Hall next to the Railway Reservation Counter and another Book Stall is situated next to the Satyanarayana Pooja Hall. In addition to this, Saibaba Dairy and Calendar Sale Counter are located opposite Donation Counter, situated next to the Electricity Generator Room.

The timings of the Book Stall are as below:

Morning          :   6:00 am to 1:30 pm
Afternoon       :   2:15 pm to 9:30 pm


Railway Reservation Counter:

The Railway Reservation Counter is situated adjacent to the Donation Counter and Book Stall, and opposite the Parayana Hall. The timings of Railway Reservation Counter are:

Morning          :   8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Afternoon       :   2:10 to 8:00 pm

Sundays & Other Public Holidays:

Morning         :  8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The phone numbers of important Railway Stations are given below for the benefit of Sai Devotees:

Nagarsol Railway Enquiry       :   02559-261253
Kopergaon Railway Enquiry    :   02423-222268
Manmad Railway Enquiry        :   02591-222242
Nasik Railway Enquiry            :   0253-2461274
Sainagar Railway Enquiry       :   02423-258064


Railway Reservation Counter

Voluntary Blood Donation Centre

Voluntary Blood Donation Centre:

This is situated opposite to Gurusthan and adjacent to the First Aid Centre in Dixit Wada. It works only on Thursdays and Sundays. Timings of the Voluntary Blood Donation Centre are:

Morning        :   9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

On all other days except Thursdays and Sundays, Sai Devotees can donate blood at the Blood Bank located adjacent to Sainath Hospital.

The Contact Number of Sainath Hospital Blood Bank is : 02423 - 258794.



First Aid Centre:

This is situated opposite Gurusthan in Dixit Wada.




Wheel Chair Facility

Wheel Chair Facility:

The Saibaba Sansthan has made available Wheel Chairs for the benefit of Handicapped Sai Devotees. Sai devotees should contact the Sansthan Public Relations Office situated at Gate No.1 near the Nanda Deep for details.




Coconut Deposit Counter:

Sai Devotees can deposit Coconuts at the Coconut Deposit Counter situated opposite the Samadhi Mandir Exit.




Sulabh Toilet & Bathroom Complex

Toilet & Bathroom Facility:

Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan has provided Toilet and Bathroom facilities at various locations. They are:

  1. Toilet facility in 1st Waiting Hall called the "Shanti Hall".
  2. Toilet facility near Gate No.2.
  3. Sulabh Toilet & Bathroom maintained by Sulabh International, Maharashtra in the Old Prasadalaya opposite Gate No.1, behind the Canteen. This is operated round the clock for the benefit of Sai Devotees.

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