What is the two-fold importance of Khandobha temple in baba’s life history?

1. The spot where Sri Saibaba halted on his arrival in Shirdi with the wedding party of Chand Bhai Patil 2. The place where Baba was called as “Sai” by the priest of Khandoba Temple Mahalsapathi.

What does ‘Sai’ mean in Persian?

Saint or Holy

Names of Khandobha’s wives?

Banai, who came from Shepard family[form of ganga]. Mahalsa representing business family[form of parvathi].

What can we find now under the Banyan tree where bullock cart halted?

Small Shrine and Padukas.

Who sponsored the renovation of Khandoba Temple and when?

Upasani Maharaj in the year 1920.

Did Baba ever visited the Khandoba Temple while he was living in Shirdi? If so when?

Baba used to stop by Khandoba Temple on his way back from Rahata, a village 5 KM from Shirdi.

What is the verse inscribed on Paduka’s present in Gurusthan?

Sada Nimbhavrikshasya mooladiwasat
Sudhasravinam Tiktamapya priyamtam
Tarum Kalpavrikshdikam sadhayantam
Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Namtham

What is the Date and Time on which Paduka Installation took place in Gurusthan?

15th August, 1912, Shravana Shudda Poornima at 11 AM.

On whose head were the Paduka’s carried during procession to Gurusthan?

Govind Kamalakar Dixit.

What was the route of  Paduka Procession?

Khandoba Temple – Dwarakamai Masjid – Neem Tree (Temple Complex).

What was the total expenditure for Paduka Installation?

A total amount of Rs.100 was spent for Paduka installation at Gurusthan. The break up is : Rs.25 from Pastha Seth of Bombay and Rs.75 came as donation.

Who performed the worship of the Padukas during the first five years and who did it after that?

Govind Kamalakar Dixit performed pooja for the first five years later followed by Lakshman Kacheshwar Jakadi.

Who sent the railing around the Paduka’s and how much did it cost in bringing from the Station to Shirdi?

Dr.Kothare sent the railing and it cost Rs.7.50.

Who paid money for the roofing of Gurusthan?

Sagun Meru Naik.

Who was known by the name Nana Pujari?

Laxman Kacheshwar Jakadi.

What is the story behind the Shivaling that we side inside the Gurusthan?

This is the same Shivaling that was given by Baba to Megha. After Megha’s death it was installed in Gurusthan with Baba’s permission.

What is Takia? And where was it used to be present during Baba’s time ?

It was a place where visiting fakirs used to stay during Baba’s time and this is also the place where Baba used to dance. Currently this place has been changed as an Open-Air-Theatre and is just opposite to Gurusthan.

What happened to the Padukas that were installed in Gurusthan and where are the real ones now?

Some lunatic damaged the original padukas and were replaced. At present the original padukas are said to be underneath the pedestal.

Who carved the Statue that is in Gurusthan and who donated them? Which year it was installed?

The Statue in Gurusthan was carved by Harish Balaji Talim, Son of Balaji Vasanth Talim who sculpted the Idol present in Samadhi Mandir. The Idol was donated by Yeshwant Rao D Dave and was installed on the Gurupoornima Day of 1974.

Akkalkot Maharaj appeared in the vision (dream) and said to him - "Now Shirdi is my resting place, go there and offer your Worship." Whose dream was referred here?

Bhai Krishnaji Alibagkar.

Who used to perform Aarti at Gurusthan?

Govind Kamalakar Dixit.

Who used to perform arathi at Sathe Wada?


What is the full name of G.K.Dixit?

Govind Kamalakar Dixit.

Name the devotees who were involved in installing the padukas at Gurusthan?

Dr.Ramarao Kothare, Sagun Meru Naik, Upasani Baba, Compounder, Bhai Krishnaji Alibaghkar and Govind Kamalakar Dixit.

What are the things we see in current Gurusthan premises?

Marble Padukas on a pedestal, A Shiva Lingam, Ever Burning Lamps, Neem Tree, Baba’s photograph donated by Shri.Narayan Rao Devhare.

When was Baba’s Original photograph in Gurusthan Changed? Why?

30th September 1952. The Sansthan changed Baba’s original photograph as it was old with a new photograph donated by Shri.Narayan Rao Devhare at 11 AM.

What is the significance of Padukas near Dhuni in the Dwarakamai?

This was the place where Baba used to sit by the side of Dhuni.

Give the names of the houses that Baba used to visit daily for Biksha?

(1) Sakharam Patil Shelke (2) Vamanrao Gondkar (3) Bayyaji Appa Kote Patil (4) Bayaja Bai Ganapath Kote Patil  and (5) Nandaram Marwadi

Baba used to sleep with his head pointing to ______ in Dwarakamai?

Nimbar on the Western Wall of Dwarakamai.

Give the names of devotees, who are responsible for the origin of keeping a bag of wheat in Dwarakamai?

A devotee Balaji Patil Nevaskar and his landowner came to baba for arbitration (settlement). After which Nevaskar started sending the whole of his crop after the harvest to baba, and managed from whatever crop given back by Baba. This eventually became a tradition where the bag of wheat that is kept in Dwarakamai is replaced on the day of Sri Rama Navami every year.

Under whose commission is the portrait inside the Dwarakamai Masjid has been painted?

Moreshwar W.Pradhan

Where are the Padukas present in Dwarakamai?

Padukas are present in the below mentioned places in Dwarakamai:
a. Padukas in front of Baba’s portrait inside the Masjid.
b. Padukas at the bottom of Puja Pillar where Baba used to sit.
c. Padukas at the bottom of the baba’s picture on the stone in front of Masjid.
d. Padukas by the cooking area, where baba used to stand.
e. Padukas by the cooking area on the wall, where baba used to lean.

Who was the original owner of the Baba sitting on the stone picture present in Dwarakamai?

D.D.Neory from Bombay who took this portrait to his guru Kammu Baba (a saint at Girgaon, Mumbai) who refused to accept it and ordered him to take the portrait to Shirdi and place it in the Sabhamandap of the Dwarakamai.

Who took the initiative and built the shed for the palanquin?

Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandhare.

“No Baba, if I do that you’ll simply pull it down the moment I’m gone” In what context and who said this to Baba?

When Baba wanted Purandhare to have his food and come, Purandhare was trying to make sure that Baba is not going to pull down the shed that he prepared for palanquin.

What is the significance of bell in the Dwarakamai?

This bell was setup during Baba’s time, which would ring at 4:30am, 11:30am, 8:30pm to signal the villagers that it was time for Aarti.

What is the significance of tortoise in Dwarakamai?

This the place where Shyam Karan used to bow, and the original location of the stone on which Baba sat, which was moved when the mosque was extended after Baba’s Mahasamadhi. Tortoise traditionally is associated with the qualities of protection. (Mother tortoise protecting its children with its vision)

Which Aarti was performed in Dwarakamai during Baba’s time?

Only the Noon Aarti.

What are the different items that we see in Dwarakamayi?

5 sets of Marble Padukas, Grinding Stone, Wheat Bag, Kolamba, Nimbar, Water Pot, Dhuni, Statues of Shyam Karan and Tiger, Tortoise, Cooking Hearth, Wooden Post, Bell, Original Painting of Dwarakamai Baba painted by Shyam Rao Jayakar, Photo of Baba Sitting on Stone given by D.D.Neroy, Tulsi Brindavan, Platform with Agarbatti Stand, The Palki Room, The Kathada (railing) on which Baba rested his hand.

Who supplied pitchers (pots) to Baba for watering the flower garden?

Vaman Tatya-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5.

What were Baba’s material assets in the Masjid?

Chillim filled with Tobacco, Tumrel, Kafni, A Satka a piece of Sack Cloth- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5.

Which devotee was responsible for observing the Rama Navami and Urs festivals on the same day?

Gopal Rao Gund, Circle inspector of Kopergaon-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 6.

Hemadpant while starting to write Sai Satcharitra, made saluations to various gods. The last salutation was made to whom?

Sri Saibaba - Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

In the introductory prayer Hemadpant compared Baba with whom?

Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Who was the family god of Hemadpanth?

Narayana Adinath-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Building materials sent by Mr. Gopal rao Gunda in mid-1890 were used for what purpose?

Restoration of local temples as per the instructions of Saibaba.

Give the names of the devotees, who were determined to do some reconstruction of mosque?

Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Nana Saheb Nimonkar.

On whose intervention did Baba gave the permission for repairing the mosque?


Approximately in which year the mosque renovation did was complete?


What is Panathi?

Small Earthenware pots with cotton wicks and oil used for lighting of lamps.

The famous Leela of lighting lamps with water took place in which year?


What is the meaning of Dwaraka given by N.V.Gunaji?

A Place open to all four castes of people.

What is the meaning of Dwarakamayi?

Many-gated Mother.

What was Gunaji’s explanation to the meaning of Dwarakamayi?

Dwar-ka-mai: The Mother (Mai) waiting at the Door (dwarak) to nourish her child. Just as a loving mother will allow her child to continue playing happily until he or she gets weary or hungry, and will then offer whatever her child needs, so our motherly Sai Baba is waiting to receive us.

It is reported that Baba would spend hours sitting in contemplation by the dhuni., facing _______, especially early in the morning after getting up and again at sunset.


Who reported, “Baba would wave his arms and fingers about, making gestures which conveyed no meaning to the onlookers and saying ‘Haq’ which means God.” During early mornings and sunset?


It is recorded in charters and sayings that baba made an intriguing comment about spot where dhuni is, saying that it was the burial place of _______ a well to do land owner, with whom baba once lived and cooked for him?

Muzafar Shah.

In which year was the Dhuni pit rebuilt by Saibaba Sansthan?


To whom did Baba say “Don’t you remember that today is Guru Poornima? ”

Dada Kelkar.

What is Kolamba?

Earthenware dish where Baba used to empty all the begged food

During midday meal, Baba used to sit with his back to the _____?

Nimbar on the Western Wall of Dwarakamai.

Who mentioned that “was very gracious and repeatedly gave me smoke out of the pipe. It solved many of my doubts and I felt delighted”


Baba said “This picture will live after me”, which picture was Baba referring to?

A large portrait of Baba sitting with his arm leaning on a little wooden balustrade inside the mosque.

Who painted the picture of Baba that is present inside Dwarakamai? Under whose instructions it was painted?

Shyama Rao Jaykar under the instructions of Moreshwar W.Pradhan.

How many pictures were painted by Jaikar and how many of them were touched by Baba?

Four of them were painted and only of them was touched by Baba.

Mother, I had been to your house in Bandra, with a view to having something to eat. I found the door locked. I somehow got an entrance inside and found to My regret, that Bhau _______ had left nothing for Me to eat. so I have returned from there without eating anything." Who is referred as Bhau in the above context and brief out this Leela?


It is recorded that until around ____, Baba almost never asked for Dakshina?


Who donated the Bathing Stone?

Rambaji, a devotee from Nasik who at first was mentally ill.

Tulsi Brindavan was put up in Dwarkamayi during the renovation of mosque from year ___ to year_____?


When ______ came to see Baba for the first time, Baba said that he had known him for four years. Then he remembered that he had prostrated to a picture of Baba in Bombay.

Balabua sutar known as Navayuga Tukaram.

In which year did Balabua sutar came to Shirdi for the first time?


How many rupees did Baba gave to the dervishes after Tiger’s death?


Where was Tiger buried?

Opposite to Mahadev Temple inside Saibaba Temple Complex.

When was the statue of the tiger erected? And by whom?

On 12th November 1969 by Sri. Trayambaka Rao of Ojar Village.

Who donated the horse to Baba? And in which year?

Kasam in 1909.

Meaning of Shyam Karan?

Black Ears.

Where is the Samadhi of Shyam Karan?

In Lendi Gardens behind Dattatreya Mandir.

Baba once advised a devotee suffering from severe pain in his knee to touch the three-foot tall wooden post and then do pradakshana around it. Give the name of this devotee?

Swami Sharananand, then Vaman Patel.

Who presented the Chariot to Baba? And in which year?

M.B.Rege and Avasthi during Guru Poornima Celeberations of 1918.

Who donated the Silver Palanquin?

Sadhu Bhaiya Naik from Harda and his two brothers.

In which year did the shed for palanquin built?


Building where Shyam Karan used to stay was built by the donation of 500 rupees sent by whom?

Sakharam Aurangabadkar from Sholapur, whose wife had given birth to first child after twenty-seven years of marriage by the blessings of Baba.

Out of the four Arati’s which of the two were performed in Chavadi?

Shej Arathi started as Baba comes to Chavadi in procession and then Kakad Arathi in the morning of following day.

Baba would leave the mosque for Lendi at what time?

Baba would leave the mosque for Lendi at 8 AM in the morning and again at 3 PM in the afternoon.

What made Baba started to sleep in Chavadi on alternate days?

Once there was heavy rain in Shirdi and villagers forced Baba not to sleep in Mosque that night and instead sleep in Chavadi. Unique thing about Baba was that he used to put everything into a routine.

Mention any two routines that Baba strictly followed?

a. Baba always followed same route to Lendi
b. Baba had his hand dressed by Bhagoji shinde, despite the wound was cured.

Nanda deep is in between these two trees?

Neem and Bodhi Trees.

Give the names of all the persons standing from Left to Right in the very famous Baba lendi procession photograph?

Nana Nimonker, Bhagoji Shinde, Saibaba, G. Booty, and Nana Chopdar.

Significance of the padukas by the small vital temple?

This is the place where Baba used to stand facing this temple on his Lendi route.

It is said that Baba used to linger by this temple as he walks to Lendi and it is also known as one of the oldest temple in Shirdi. Which temple is this?

Kanifnath Temple.

With whom Mr. Booty came to Shirdi and When?

S.B. Dhumal in 1908.

When Samadhi Mandir Construction Started?

Approximately 1915.

Why Samadhi Mandir is called as “Dagdi Wada”?

Because it is constructed with Stones.

Who took care of the Samadhi Mandir Construction?

Shyama and Bapu Saheb Jog.

Baba’s Mahasamadhi day, date & time?

Tuesday, 15th October 1918, Approximately 2:30 PM.

Who opposed to keep Baba’s body in Booty Wada?

Kushalchand, Amir Shakhar and Bade Baba. (Shyama Supported them).

Two months Previously Baba sent a message to -----------saying that “On the ninth day, of the ninth month , Allah is taking away the lamp he lit”.

Banne Mia Fakir.

Baba sent some offerings to the fakir --------- and requested to do moulu and Qawalis(both are types of devotional singing) and nyas.(feeding of the poor).

Shamsuddin Mia.

What did devotees found in the cloth bag, after Baba’s mahasamadhi?

A green kufni stiched and given by Kasinath Shimpi, the tailor.

When the Marble Statue installed in Samadhi Mandir and who installed the statue?

October 7th,1954. Installed by Swamy Sharananand (Vaman Patel)

The first Silver throne’s weight ?

60.82 Kgs.

Who was the Sculptor of Saibaba’s Marble Statue?

Balaji Vasant Talim.

When did the Jawahar Ali’s Leela happened?

Early 1890s.

How many days Baba stayed with Jawahar Ali in Rahata?

About 8 Weeks.

Where debate take place between Devidas and Jawahar Ali?

In Maruti Mandir.

What are the three temples near Samadhi Mandir?

Ganesh, Shani and Mahadev Temples.

When Abdul baba came to Shirdi ?


What Baba said when Abdul baba come to shirdi ?

My Crow has come.

When Abdul Baba died?


Who called himself “General of Sai Baba’s army”?


When Baba arrived with Marriage party what Nanavali greeted?

“Oh,Uncle you have come”.

How many days after Baba’s Samadhi Nanavali died?

13th Day.

When Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar came to shirdi?

Last two or three years of Baba’s Life.

When Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar died?


When Tatya died?


Who is V.P..Iyer?

Manager of sugar factory in Kopergoan. He gave much service to the sansthan.

Why V.P .Iyer’s tomb is in Shirdi?

He died holding Baba’s picture and saying Baba’s name and his last desire was to be buried in the vicinity of the temple complex in Shirdi.

Name the three Wada’s in the order of construction completion ?

Sathe Wada (1908) , Dixit Wada (late 1910) and Booty Wada (approximately 1915).

Who constructed the Sathe Wada?

Hari Vinayak Sathe.

Who bought the Sathe Wada later and when?

R.S.Navalkar in 1924.

When R.S.Navalkar gave this wada to Sansthan?


When Sathe Wada was added into Samadhi Mandir?

During 1998 reconstruction.

Who constructed Dixit Wada?

Hari Sitaram Dixit (Kaka Saheb Dixit).

When Kaka Saheb Dixit came to Shirdi?


When Kaka Saheb Dixit died?


Where Dixit Wada is located?

Just opposite to Gurusthan.

Where Abdul Baba’s Cottage located?

Just opposite to the Chavadi near Gate No.3.

What Baba have given to Abdul Baba?

A Chimta, A Satka, A Tin Mug.

Who was allowed in the Mosque when the curtain was down?

Lakshmi Bai Shinde.

What duties did Bhagoji Shinde do in the Masjid?

He was a sort of attendant of Baba. He entered the Masjid first in the morning and used to message first Baba's right arm and his body.

When Baba is going to Lendi, Who had the privilege to carry the umbrella?

Bhagoji Shinde.

Bhagoji Shinde was suffering from which disease?


What Bhagoji's house is called as____________? Where it is located?

Shinde Wada. It is located just behind Lashmi Bai Shinde’s house.

In which year Baba was in Samadhi for 72 hours?


Whose Samadhi’s are located in their houses beside Narasimha Temple?

Sakharam’s son, daughter-in-law and Ramgiri Bua.

What Leela is related to Vaman Rao Gondkar’s house?

When Radhakrishna Mai was suffering from malaria, Baba asked some one to bring ladder and lean it against the wall of Gondkar’s house and walked over the roof and climbed down to Radhakrishna Mai’s house to cure her illness. Baba gave Rs.2 to the person who brought the ladder.

What are the houses Baba went for Bhiksha?

1. Sakharam Patil Shelke 2.Vaman Rao Gondkar 3.Bayyaji Appa Kote Patil 4.Bayaja Bai Ganpath Kote Patil 5. Nandaram Marvadi Sanklecha.

Whose house was last house when Baba was going for Bhiksha?

Nandaram Marvadi Sanklecha.

On which day the Baba’s Bhiksha routine is re-enacted by devotees?

On Vijayadashmi Day.

Baba once told Shyama that they had been together for _____________ generations?

72 Generations.

Where was Shyama’s School located?

Next Door to Masjid.

The first two houses Baba used to go for Bhiksha were those of _____________ and _________________ ?

Vaman Rao Gondkar and Sakharam Patil Shelke.

Where are the houses of Vaman Rao Gondkar & Sakharam Patil Shelke Located?

Beside Chavadi. The two houses were demolished in 2001.

What are the three main festivals celebrated in Shirdi?

Ramanavami (March / April), Gurupurnima (July), Vijayadashmi(September / October).

Two locally historic rituals are carried our during the festival Ramanavami are _________________________ and ____________

The sack of wheat in Dwarakamai is changed and the old one is taken to Prasadalaya and second one is the Flags are replaced.

The Flags procession begins from ______________________?

Three Carpenters house (Tukaram, Gabaji and Kondaji) the first of
whom personally served Baba for several years. They did bulk of repair work of the Masjid.

Now who is performing the” Sandal procession”?

Abdul Baba’s descendants.

Baba called Dada Kelkar and said “Don’t you remember that this is ________ Come on, go and worship that post there”.

Guru Poornima.

Why Sai Devotees celebrating Vijayadashmi?

It is Baba’s Mahasamadhi Day or Punyatithi.

Saibaba uttered the following words to whom “Rajaram Rajaram”?


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; in the dream Baba told “I want Kichidi Lunch”?

To a Lady residing in Berhampur (Madhya Pradesh).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; In the Dream Baba told “Today, I am coming to your house for Dinner”.

Hemadapanth (Sri Govind Rao Dabholkar).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “You go home now, but at night take thy care at intervals”.

Sri.Tatya Kote Patil.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “I have already received Rs.3.14 from you. Now whatever balance amount you want to offer me, give me”.

Seth Ratanji Parsi from Nanded.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “You go to Bhima Bhai’s house and stay there for 2 days and you will be alright”.

Bhimaji Patil from Narayangaon.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Why are you in tension? You go to Kakasaheb Dixit’s house at Vile Parle (Mumbai) and his maid servant will solve your problem”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Bring my PRESENT which was given to you by my brother”.

Advocate Pundalika Rao from Nanded. (PRESENT means Coconut given by Sri.Vasudevananda Saraswati alias Tembe Swamy)

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Go to Jamner and give this Udi and Aarati” (which Shyama wrote on the paper).

Bapugir Bua (Ramgir).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Get up early and do my Puja and Kakad Aarati Today, because Bapusaheb Jog thought that I am no more and hence he will not come today”.

Priest Laxman Mama.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Take these 4 Mangoes and give it your younger wife and she will give birth to 4 sons and 4 daughters”.

Damu Anna Kasar (Damodar Savalram Rasane from Ahmednagar).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “When I am ready to give you beautiful Shawl, why are you stealing rags?”.

Balasaheb Dev (Balakrishna Vishwanath Dev).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Tell your son not to believe on Astrologers/Palmistry, Mind his medical study and have full faith in Me and he will be successful”

Mrs.Savitribai Tendulkar (Mother of Madhava Rao Tendulkar)

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Bring the Chopper and kill this Goat”

Kaka Saheb Dixit.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “I am not a participant in any business”

Damu Anna Kasar (Damodar Savalram Rasane).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “after completing the piligrimage at Kashi and Gaya, I will come before Shyama”.

Kaka Saheb Dikshit.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “read this Vishnu Sahasra Namam every day and you will be happy”

Shyama (Madhav Rao Deshpande).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “today you have worshipped all deities, except god Khandoba”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “take this Shivalinga and preserve it properly”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “rascals, they are doing Bhajan in the train on the way to Shirdi and asking co-passengers ‘how is Saibaba’. Why are you asking co-passengers? You see by your own eyes, whether dream you got is true or false? What was the necessity to borrow money from money lenders and come to Shirdi for my darshan? Are you now satisfied?”

Lakshmi Chand and his friend Shankar Rao.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “due to hunger your waist is paining. So first attend Arati and then eat plenty of Sheera”

Lakshmi Chand.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “first bring big utensil full of sheera and then perform Arati”

Bapu Saheb Jog

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “yesterday I was suffering from severe cough. I think somebody put a bad eye on me and hence I am troubled by this severe cough”

Lakshmi Chand.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “by taking a big stone in his hand Saibaba told ‘mind well. Do not climb the steps of Dwarakamai. Muslims are residing here. You are a high caste Brahmin and I am a very very low class Muslim – hence you go back”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “after 12 months, you will be blessed with a child”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Bapu some years ago, I gave you Rs.2/-. Now I am giving you Rs.3/-. Keep this with you and worship”.

Shri.Harischandra Pitale.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “go to Godess Saptashrungi and offer these silver breast nipples to her”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Mother, today I went to Bandra, but I could not get any food there and came back starving”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “go to Dada Saheb Kelkar’s house and prepare Puran Polis (sweet dish) and feed to his family members and you also eat Puran Polis”

Mrs.Gokhale Bai.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “when you are returning to your house in Mumbai?”

Kaka Saheb Mahajani.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “give him a cup of tea fully saturated with Sugar”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “do one more recitation of Gurucharitra”

Hari Vinayak Sathe.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “You look to me with one pointed attention and I will also look to you in the same way”.

Mrs.Radhabai Deshmukh.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “do 3 recitations of Srimad Bhagavatam”

Sanyasi Vijayanand from Madras.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “those who can digest onion, they only can eat onion”

Nana Saheb Chandorkar.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “you are my Guru and I am your disciple”.

Jawahar Ali.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Go to Shyama’s house and bring Rs.15 as Dakshina”.

Sri. Hemadpanth.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “you will be successful in Law examination next year”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “my contact with you are since last 60 generations”.

Sri. Balaram Dhurandhar.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “my contact with you are since 72 generations.

Sri. Shyama.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “when you started from home, mother has not given any eatable to me?

Sri. Govind Mankar (Son of Balaram Mankar).

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “why are you in haste? Go tomorrow”.

One English Gentleman.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “go and search in the brook and you will get your horse”

Chandbai Patil.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “take Ochre with us”

Baba told to his devotees while returning from Lendi Bagh (12th Adhyaya – Sai Satcharitra (Shri Mule Sastry) (Orche – a mineral of clay and hydrated ferric oxide, used a pigment varying from light yellow to brown or red – Oxford dictionary)

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “I do not want Ganga water bath”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Oh well dressed Bridegroom, where you are going?”


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Tell him (Shyama) to walk in the house eat whatever he likes but do not allow him to sleep at all this night”.

Tatya Kote Patil and Kaka Saheb Dixit.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Go to Belapur to see your ailing son, meet the people there and come back after 4 days”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Give me Rs.15/-“

To a person from Goa who came to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “On the way to Shirdi, why you avoided darshan of Lord Datta. By such act, I will not be pleased with you”.

Nana Saheb Chandorkar.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Keep 4 Mangoes in reserve, they are to be given to Damu Anna Kasar”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Go spread the wheat flour on the village boundary”.

4 Shirdi village ladies who helped Baba for grinding wheat.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Do not worry. Smear the Udi on the wounded part and the boy will get relief within 8 to 14 days”.

Baba told this remedy to the parents of Malegaon Doctor’s Nephew.

Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Now the Crow will come. It will bite your leg and your feet will be alright”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Whoever will recite my name with love I will fulfill his desire”.


Saibaba uttered the following to whom; “Go to the Shop and buy one Seer Dal and feed it to the 2 sheep and return both the Sheep to the Shepherd”.

Tatya and Shyama.

What incidence inspired Hemadpant to write Shri Saicharitra?

On one fine morning in Dwarakamai Sai Baba was grinding wheat on grinding wheel & seeing this Hemadpant got inspiration to write Shri Saisatcharitra.

When Baba was grinding wheat on the grinding Wheel, how many local ladies came to Baba’s help?

4 Ladies.

What Baba did with that wheat flour?

Sai Baba asked the 4 Ladies to spread over that wheat flour on the borders of Shirdi village & thus completely eradicated the Cholera epidemic in Shirdi.

When horse man (with a Lizard in his pouch) came to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan, what Baba was doing at that time?

At that time Baba was taking his bath.

When Baba told to Balaram Mankar to go to Macchindraghad for penance, how many Rupees Baba gave to Shri Mankar to reach Macchindraghad?

Rs.12/- (Rupees Twelve Only).

When Shri Harischandra Pitale went to Shirdi, how much Rupees Baba gave to him?

Rs.3/- (Rupees three only).

How many days Baba was sleeping in Chavadi & How many days Baba was sleeping in Dwarakamai?

One day Baba will sleep in Dwarakamai, next day in Chavadi, again next day in Dwarakamai & next day in Chavadi. Like that he did till his Samadhi.

What mantra Baba gave to Radhabai Deshmukh?

“Faith & Patience” (Shradda  & Saburi)

Before leaving his Mortal Coil, how much money Baba gave to Mrs.Laxmibai & in how many installments?

Baba gave Rs.9/-(Rupees nine only) to Mrs.Laxmibai .  First Rs.5/- & Second time Rs.4/-.

On whose lap, Baba breathed his last?

On the lap of Bayaji Kote Patil.

When Baba visited Shri B.V.Dev’s House at Dahanu in the form of a Sanyasi along with 2 small children, he halted Tanga in front of whose house?

Advocate Paranjape’s House.

Most famous Aarati “Aarati Sai Baba Soukhya Datara Jiwa” was written by whom?

Shri.Madhav Rao Adakar.

In who’s Wada, Baba’s Holy Body is resting?

In the Wada built by Shri.Buti.

When Baba was sleeping on the wooden swing in Dwarakamai, how many earthern lamps were lighted on that swing?

4 earthern Lamps on four sides of the swing were kept burning.

After how many daughters, Mr.Seth Ratanji Parsi of Nanded got a male child?

After 12 daughters, Mr.Seth Ratanji Parsi got a male child.

What is the name of the step son of Sakharam Aurangabadkar?  After how many years Mrs.Aurangabadkar got a first child & whether that child was male or female?

Step son’s name was Vishwanath.  After 27 years she got a first male child.

When Lakhamichand went to listen Dasganu’s Kirtan in Mumbai, whose story Dasganu narrated in his kirtan?

Story of Saint Tukaram.

When Shama went to Kashi, Gaya, Prayag, Ayodhya Pilgrimage, how much money he borrowed from Shri Nandram Marwadi?

Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred only).

While going to Shirdi, how much money Lakhmichand borrowed from his cousin brother?

Rs.15/- (Rupees Fifteen only).

When Mule Shastri went to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan, how many Bananas Baba gave to him?

4 Bananas.

When Shri Raghunathrao Tendulkar retired from his services, how much pension per month he was to get from his employer & by Baba’s grace how much pension he got per month?

Rs.75/- per month, but by Baba’s Grace, he got Rs.110/- pension per month.

When Ramgir Buwa got down at Jalgaon Railway Station, how much money was left in his pocket?

Only 2 Annas.

For some days Baba was a disciple of which Guru?

Jawahar Ali.

Who told Shirdi Villagers, that Baba is a DIAMOND & not just a sparkling stone?

Anandanath Maharaj.

When Baba entered Shirdi’s Khandoba Mandir, who welcomed him as “Aao Sai”?


Give the names of 3 devotees who did not utter even a single word before Baba?

Shri.Buti, Shri.Khaparde and Shri.Nulkar.

What were the names in previous Birth of FROG & SERPENT respectively?

Chenna Basappa & Veera Bhadrappa.

In the dream of Barhanpur Lady, what Baba demanded for eating?


When Kakasaheb Dixit & Shyama came to Kopargaon by train, in which class they were traveling?

They traveled in First Class compartment.

On which day, Megha bathed Baba from Head to toe?

On Makara Sankranti Day.

When Nanasaheb Chandarkar’s daughter was in delivery pangs at Jamner, what two things Baba sent to Nanasaheb with Bapugir?

“Aarati Sai Baba Soukhya Datara Jiva” Aarati written by Madhavrao Adkar & Udi - these 2 things Baba sent to Nanasaheb.

Baba cried twice in his life time. When?

1) When Megha died, Baba attended his funeral & cried. 2) When Baba’s Brick was broken.

What is the name of the Guru of Mule Shastri of Nasik?

Guru Gholap Swami.

What is the name of the Guru of Dr.Pandit?

Sri Kaka Puranik.

Shri Biniwale was a devotee of which God?

Devotee of Lord Dattatreya.

Megha was a devotee of which God?

Lord Shiva.

Dasganu was a devotee of which God?

Lord Vittal.

Radha Krishna Aayi was a devotee of which Lord?

Lord Balakrishna.

What was the post of Shri Chandbhai?

Shri Chandbhai was a village incharge of Dhupkeda.

Mahalasapati was a devotee of which God?

Lord Khandoba (Martaanda Bhairav).

In 1917 Holi Pournima day, Baba went to Hemadpant’s house at Bandra (Mumbai) in which form?

Baba went to Hemadpant’s house in the form of Photo frame.

Which mantra Baba was reciting continuously?


On Dwarakamai, 2 flags were hoisted.  Who were the owners of these flags?

1) Shri Damuanna Kasar & 2) Shri Nanasaheb Nimankar

Who were sleeping with Baba in Dwarakamai?

Mahalasapati & Tatya Kate Patil

“I will take you in “Vimaana” (Aeroplane - i.e. peaceful death) this assurance Baba gave to whom?

Kaka Saheb Dixit.

When Sham went to Nagpur to attend Babu Dixit’s thread ceremony, how much money Kaka Saheb Dixit gave to Shyama?

Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only).

When Shyama went to Gwalior to attend marriage of Nanasaheb Chandorkar’s daughter, how much money Nanasaheb Chandorkar gave to Shyama?

Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only)

When Shyama went to Gwalior to attend the marriage of Nanasaheb Chandorkar’s daughter, how much money Shri Jathar (Nanasaheb’s Father-in-Law) gave to Shyama?

Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only).

How much Dakshina Seth Dharmasi Jethabhai Thakkar offered to Sai Baba?

Rs.15/- (Rupees Fifteen only).

How many days Baba heard “RAM VIJAYA” pothi & it was read by whom?

14 Days. It was read by Shri.Vaze.

When Bhimaji Patil of Narayanagaon came to Shirdi for the first time, how long he stayed in Shirdi?

One Month.

When Doctor from Malegaon came to Shirdi for the first time, how long he stayed in Shirdi?

4 Days.

When Kakaji Vaidya of Saptashrungi village came to Shirdi for the first time, how long he stayed at Shirdi?

12 Days.

When Haribhau Karnik of Dahanu went to Nasik to take Darshan of Nara Singhji Maharaj, how much Dakshina Narasinghji Maharaj demanded from him?

One Rupee.

When Seth Dharamsi Thakkar went to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan, how much seedful grapes he took with him to offer them to Baba?

Two Seers.

When one Ramdas Devotee came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan, what gift he gave to Baba?

One Shiva Linga.

Shiva Linga received by Baba from Ramdas Devotee, was given to whom?

Baba gave that Shiva Linga to Shyama.

After how many hours of Baba’s Nirvana, his body was kept in Samadhi Mandir?

After 36 Hours.

At which place, Gopal Narayan Ambadekar became jobless?

At Jawahar, District Thane.

What were the names of Kondaji’s daughter & wife?

Amani (Daughter) - Jamali (Wife)

Barhanpur Lady & her husband first went to Shirdi, how long they stayed at Shirdi?

2 Months.

What vow did Shri Cholkar take tofufill his desire of having Baba’s darshan?

To consume tea without Sugar (Refer Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 15).

When Shri Cholkar from Thane went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan, who has given him cup of tea with ample sugar?

Shri.Bapu Saheb Jog.

What is the name of mother of Five Pandavas?


Which Stotra has been composed by BUDHAKAUSHIKA RISHI?

Sri Rama Raksha Stotra.

Where Nanasaheb Dhumal was staying? And what was his Profession?

Nasik. Pleader.

When one Marwadi with much hankering from BRAHMA came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan, how many rupees were in his pocket?

Rs.250/- (Rupees two hundred and fifty only).

Monk Vijayanand came to Shirdi from which place?  Where he wanted to go?  Where he died?

He came from Madras. He wanted to go to Manasa Sarovara. He died in Shirdi.

When Baba’s Aarati was performed in Dwarakamai, where ladies & gents were standing?

Ladies in Dwarakamai & gents in the open space before Dwarakamai

When Shri Kulkarni from Thane, went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan, which thing Baba has given to him?

Baba gave his hair to Shri.Kulkarni.

Under which tree Chand Bhai saw Baba sitting?

Below the Mango Tree Baba was seated.

To whom Baba told to start own business?

Shri.Narayana Motiram Jani.

A person went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan, where he lost his pair of Chappals.  What was his name & from which place he came?

His name was Hari Kanoba. He came from Mumbai.

From which date, Baba’s Aarati, Bhajan started in chavadi?

From 10th December 1910, Saturday.

When Baba was sitting in Dwarakamai, to which side he was facing?

South Side.

There are 3 devotees who were having 2 wives at a time?

1) Damuanna Kasar (Rasane)  2) Nanasaheb Dengale  3) Bala Newaskar Patil.

What is the first dress of Baba?

Clean Dhoti, Shirt & White Turban.

How many mangoes Mamlatdar Shri Rate sent in the name of Madhavrao Deshpande?

Mangoes were more than 300.

Before coming to Shirdi, which pilgrim places Siddiq Falke visited? & Where he was staying?

“Mecca & Madina”. 
He was staying at Kalyan.

From which year, Rama Navami festival started at Shirdi?

From the year 1911, Rama Navami festival started in Shirdi.

On which day, Shirdi weekly Bazar takes place?

On Every Sunday.

At Shirdi, there was a wrestling between Baba & Mohiddin. Who won the Wrestling?


Seth Ratanji Parshi from Nanded gave a Lunch to whom & what were the expenses at that Lunch?

Seth Ratanji gave a Lunch to Mouli Saheb of Nanded & its cost amounts to Rs.3 & Annas 14.

Shyama & Appa Kote Patil went to pilgrim of Ayodhya & Kashi?  How many days they stayed at each place?

Ayodhya 21 days & Kashi - 2 months.

Tatya Kote Patil was calling to Baba by which name?


Shyama’s younger Brother’s name & where he was staying?

Babaji - Staying at Savali Vihir.

Dasganu’s problem about “Ishawasya” was solved by whom?

Kakasaheb Dikshit’s maid servant at Vileparle, Mumbai solved Dasganu’s “Ishawasya” problem.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "No, the Fakir is not agreeing to give you a kufni. What can I to do?".


When Shama was bitten by a snake, whom did Sri Sai Baba send to Shama's house with instructions?

Tatya Kote Patil and Kaka Saheb Dixit – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 23.

At whom did Sri Sai Baba shout, "Chal hut!" (Go away!) and pushed him away so hard that his turban fell a long way?


Regarding whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Look at this Bamniya (brahmin), he is eating onions on Ekadasi day".

Kusha Bhav.

With whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Bhau, the whole of last night, I had no sleep. I was thinking and thinking of you, all the night."?


Once Sri Sai Baba took 30 rupees dakshina from Booty, divided into two parts and gave it to two devotees. Both of them received exactly the same amount. Who are those two devotees?

Bapu Saheb Booty and S.B.Dhumal.

In which year did Sri Upasani Maharaj compose 'Sainatha Mahimna Stotram'?


Who bore all the expenses for the publication for "Sri Sainath Sagunopasana" book until 1922?


Regarding whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words- "He requires pressure to be brought to bow at the (Guru's) feet”?

Ramachandra Ramakrishna Samant.

Whom did Sri Sai Baba sometimes call to have his head shaved?


By what nick name was Sagun Meru Nayak called?


By what nick name was Mrs.Khaparde called?


By what nick name was Radha Bai called?

Bopidi Bai.

By what nick name was Sakharam’s wife called?

Itlayi Bai.

By what nick name was Radhakrishna Ayi called?


To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "Keep this kafni with you. This will save you from the bitter wind and the cold"?

Tatya Saheb Noolkar.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba appear in a dream and say the following words - "My dear lassie, why get exhausted for nothing? I will get your pitcher filled with pure water."?

Mrs.Sapatnekar – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 48.

When Damodar Rasane pressed Sri Sai baba to attend to his son's wedding, whom did Sri Sai baba send on this behalf?


Who used to hold the large and lofty umbrella over Baba’s head during Chavadi procession?

Bapu Saheb Jog.

With whom did Radhabai Deshmukh come to Shirdi?

People from Sangamner – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 18.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "Do not lose courage and have no worry, whatsoever, in your mind. All will be well; give up worrying. The Fakir is compassionate and will protect you"?

Shyama – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 23.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "After the temple is complete, I will come there to stay"?

Shyama – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 39.

When did K.J. Bhishma first visit Sri Sai Baba?


Who did Sri Sai Baba refer as 'Changdev'?

Gangagir Maharaj.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "One who cannot sit steadily on the ground, whose seat is not firm, the man who is a slave of sleep, i.e. tamas, how can he sleep on a height?".

Kaka Saheb Dixit – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 45.

On a festive occasion when a devotee was upset that he didn't offer garland to Sri Sai Baba, Baba lifted a bunch of the garlands with his hands and said, "All these are yours". Who is the devotee in this context?


Whom did Sri Sai Baba call as 'Halalkoor'?


To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "This mother had submerged me in mimosas flowers for two months. I am just now slowly recovering from that perfume."?

Kaka Saheb Dixit.

When Sri Sai baba bought two goats for 32/- who expressed that Baba was deceived in that bargain?

Shama &Tatya Kote Patil – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 46.

Whose Ekanath Bhagwath book did Sri Sai baba give to Shama?

Kaka Mahajani – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 27.

How many arati psalms composed by Sant Tukaram Maharaj were adapted in Shirdi Aratis?


When Hemadpanth first came to Shirdi, where did he have first darshan of Sri Sai Baba?

Near Corner of Sathe Wada – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 2.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "In the wada there are many thieves. Fasten the doors and be alert. For they will rob you of your all and attack you fiercely."?

Vijayanand – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31.

Who composed the arati psalm "Aaratee Jnaanaraaja Mahaa Kaivailya Tejaa"?

Rama Janardhani Swami.

Where did Mrs. Nimonkar take darshan of Sri Sai Baba and got the permission to go to Belapur?

Sathe Wada – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 12.

What did Sri Sai Baba name Damodar Rasne's first son before his birth?

Daulat Shah.

When ____ stayed in Shirdi for the improvement of his health, a discussion went on about him in the bar-room at Pandharpur.

Tatya Saheb Noolkar – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31.

Identify one of the devotees who went for alms on behalf of Sri Sai Baba when He was ill.

Vaman Rao Patil.

Who were present in the mosque when a wealthy gentleman from Vaijapur came to Baba for Darshan along with his family ladies who were all clad in bhurkas?

Nana Saheb Chandorkar & Mahalasapati – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 49.

Who is the composer of the Arati Psalm "Aataa Swaamee Sukhe Nidraa Karaa Avadhutaa "?


Who sent Megha to Shirdi?

H.V.Sathe – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 28.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "Money will not tempt my devotee. He will never get caught in the splendor of wealth."?

Hansraj – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 36.

Whom did Sri Sai Baba shout as 'Bhaturdya'?

Shama – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 23.

Who performed arati with utmost concentration without even moving his head?


Who said the following words - "We will come to Shirdi only to have the sadhu's darshan, but will not bow our head before him or give him dakshina”?

Kaka Mahajani’s friend – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 35.

A devotee used to worship the village deities in a particular order and then go to the Masjid to pray Baba. One day he missed the routine and went to Masjid. Sri Sai Baba told him to perform routine prayers first to village deities and then come back to Him. Who is the devotee?

Megha – Sai Satchritra Chapter 28.

Who came to Baba once and asked Baba to get up from His seat as he wanted to occupy the same?

Nanavali – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 10.

When did Megha pass away?

January 19th 1912.

Who presented the big picture of Baba to Megha which he worshipped in Sathe wada?

Nana Saheb Chandorkar – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 28.

A devotee lost his wife at the age of thirty six without any kids. He didn't remarry as he didn't get consent from Baba even though his friends and well wishers pressed him. Who is the devotee in this context?


Who told the following words to Sri Sai Baba - "If You still love the wooden plank, I will again suspend or hang up one in the Masjid for You to sleep at ease."?

Kaka Saheb Dixit – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 45.

Who said the following to Bapusaheb Booty - "Today is a very inauspicious day. Some calamity is to befall you. Have courage but be very careful.”?

Nana Saheb Dengle – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 22.

Once Sri Sai Baba told to a devotee that He was very hungry. When devotee immediately went and brought bread and vegetables, Baba gave it to a dog. Who is the devotee in this context?

Mrs.Lakshmi Bai Shinde – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 42.

How many rupees did Sri Sai Baba give to the person who brought ladder to climb on Waman Gondkar's house?

Rs.2/- (Two Rupees only) – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 18.

What is the name of the Guru of Dasganu Maharaj?


What is the name of the Guru of Abdul?


What is the name of the Guru of V.H.Thakur?

Appa Maharaj.

Hemadpanth belonged to which Gotra?
Bharadwaja Gotra-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.
Who was the father of Hemadpanth?
Raghunatha Rao-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Who was the grandfather of Hemadpanth?

Sadashiva Rao-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

When did Baba performed the miracle of eradicating the Cholera epidemic from Shirdi?

1910-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

"Ladies are you gone mad? Whose property are you looting away? Have I borrowed any wheat from you, so that you can safely take the flour? Go and spread this wheat flour around the borders of Shirdi Village?" Why did Baba utter these words?

The 4 Women divided the wheat flour among themselves and were getting ready to take away their portion of the wheat-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Saibaba lived in Shirdi for approximately how many years?

Approximately 60 years-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Baba referred to two stones of the Grinding Stone as Karma (Upper Stone) & Bhakti (Lower Stone). To What Baba referred the Handle?

Jnana-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Who was the Guru of Kabir?

Nipati Niranjan-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

After seeing which scene Kabir started weeping?

A Woman grinding corn-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

Guru of Kabir told him to hold on to what?

Handle of Knowledge-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 1.

When B.V.Dev invited Baba to attend udyapan ceremony at his house, Baba replied that three of them will come. Who are they?

Sri Sai Baba, Bapusaheb Jog & Swami Sai Sharan Anand – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 40.

To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Do not grieve; his end was to be here. Moreover, he too, was meritorious, that he attained such great happiness".

Darveshis-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31

Who said the following words? - "We are slaves to your command and will not question what is proper and what is not. We will give our life, if need be, but will obey the guru’s word".

Kakasaheb Dixit-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 23.

When a devotee suffered from piles, Sri Sai Baba gave him concoction of senna pods. After two years when the trouble recurred, he took the same concoction without consulting Baba. The disease aggravated but later it was cured by Baba’s grace. Who is the devotee in this context?
Shama- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 13.

Who is expert in composing impromptu poems, in lavani, ovi, dindee and other (marathi) metres?


Identify the devotees who swept the streets through which Sri Sai Baba passed in His daily routine.

Radhakrishna Mayi and Abdul- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 35.

Where did Sri Sai Baba get Marigold and Jasmine plants?

Rahata-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5

Once Sri Sai Baba asked a devotee dakshina of 5/-, when he intended to give, Sri Sai Baba told that He already received 3 rupees 14 annas and asked him to give the balance. Who is the devotee in this context?
Ratanji Wadia- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 14

When a devotee died, Sri Sai Baba said the following words "Oh, ... went ahead of us, he won't be reborn". Who is the devotee in this context?

Tatyasaheb Noolkar- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31

Who prayed to Sri Sai Baba so? - "Please look kindly on him, the pension he gets is quite insufficient, his family is growing. Give him some other appointment, remove his anxiety and make him happy".

Anna Chinchanikar-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 3.

On a Holi festival day, who brought Sri Sai Baba’s photo to Hemadpant's house?

Ali Mohammed-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 40

To whom did Sri Sai Baba appear in a dream and said the following words? - "Give a dhoti with a silk border to my Shyama. And you will enjoy peace and happiness".

Anandrao Pakhade-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 45.

Who spread the fame of Sri Sai Baba in the Konkan by his splendid Kirtans?

Dasganu Maharaj-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 15.
"My treasury is full, and I can give anyone, what he wants, but I have to see whether he is qualified to receive what I give. If you listen to Me carefully, you will be certainly benefited. Sitting in this Masjid, I never speak any untruth". To whom did Baba say these words?

Rich Marwadi Gentleman who wished to get Brahma-Jnana from Saibaba-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 16 & 17.

With whom did Sri Sai Baba keep the goats after purchasing them from their owner for high asking price?
Kondaji-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 46.

With whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "I know you have no money; but you are reading Yoga-Vashistha. Give Me Dakshina from that."

G. G. Narke-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 14.

Who said the following words? - "When I enjoy the protection of your grace, why should I be sad at heart? No, indeed! I am very happy".

Dasganu Maharaj-Sai Satcharitra Chapter 20.
Gauli Buva used to stay for 8 months in …….?
Pandharpur – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4
Baba assured whom that, “Vittal will manifest in Shirdi itself”?
Dasganu. – Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4.
How Vittal manifested after 7 days of Nama Saptaha?
Kaka Saheb Dixit saw Vittal while he was sitting in Meditation - Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4.
Why Saibaba said “Our Prayag is here, believe me”?
Dasganu asked permission from Baba to visit Prayag - Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4.
How Saibaba first manifested?
As an young lad of 16 years sitting under the Neem tree - Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4.
What is the significance of the corridor underneath the Neem Tree in Shirdi?
Samadhi of Baba’s Guru- Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4.
Whom did Sri Sai Baba compliment as 'Hushiar'?
G.G.Narke - Devotees Experience of Saibaba
To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Go, Go, Go to Nasik. What for should you go to Nasik? There is plague there. Do not go there, go back home just as you have come the way you came, taking your little ones with you."
Balakrishna Waman Vaidya - Devotees Experience of Saibaba
Who wrote epitome to Sri Sai Satcharitra written by Sri Annasaheb Dabholkar?
Sri.B.V.Dev – Sri Sai Satcharitra Epilogue
Whom did Baba send to call B.V.Dev, when B.V.Dev was asking Balakram to share his previous history about what Baba told him and how Baba taught him to do meditation?
Chandru – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 41.
Who said this to Sri Sai baba? - "How is it that You object others to apply sandal-paste on Your forehead, but allowed Dr. Pandit to do so now?"
Dada Saheb Kelkar – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 11.
Whom did Vijayananad Swami enquire about the particulars of Manasa-Sarovar trip?
Somadeva Swami – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31.
In which year did Kusha Bhav first visit Sri Sai Baba?
1908 - Devotees Experience of Saibaba.
To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Why should we explain things to others? That will make us puffed up with self-conceit".
Nanasaheb Nimonkar - Devotees Experience of Saibaba.
Who heard the following voice in his sleep for three consecutive nights? - "Is there disbelief in me, even now?"
Malegaon Doctor – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 34.
Regarding whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? "I had been to this man's house for a meal. He did not give me Bendi Baji"
S.B.Nachne -  Devotees Experience of Saibaba.
Who said the following words about Sri Sai Baba? - "Blessed is Shirdi, that it got this precious Jewel. This man is carrying water today; but He is not an ordinary fellow. As this land (Shirdi) was lucky and meritorious, it secured this Jewel."
Gangagir Maharaj – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5.
To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words - "It is not these rupees I want. I want Nishta, i.e., concentrated faith and Saburi"?
Raghuveer Bhaskar Purandhare – Devotees Experience of Saibaba.
Who said the following words to Sri Sai Baba? - "The power of your command will give me peace of mind even there. When such is the might of your power, why should I worry, needlessly?".
Balaram Mankar – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 31.
Who composed the arati psalm, "Jai jai sainatha aataa pahudaave mandiree ho..."?
K.J.Bhishma – Aarati Sai Baba.
What did Sri Sai Baba utter while touching the Padukas which were installed at Gurusthan?
These are the feet of the Lord – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5.
To whom did Sri Sai Baba say the following words? - "Yes. Go via Chitali but why keep back a poor Brahmin's two annas?"
S.B.Nachne – Devotees Experience of Saibaba.
Which Sloka was inscribed on a marble slab affixed to the pedestal that supported the padukas installed at Gurusthan?
Sadaa nimba vrikshasya moolaadhivaasaat………….. – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5.
Waman Narvekar gave one rupee to Sri Sai Baba with a hope that Baba would bless it with His touch and return to him. Whom did Sri Sai Baba give that rupee?
Madhava Rao Deshpande alias Shyama – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 29.
To whom did Shama tell the following words? - "Oh! His leelas are simply inconceivable! Who will ever understand his skillful ways? There is no end to his sport. It is He who plays the game and yet, is never in it!".
Annasaheb Dabholkar – Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 18 & 19.
Who is the composer of the arati song "Arati Saibaabaa soukhyadaataara jeevaa"?
Madhav Adkar – Aarti Saibaba

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