Shri Shirdi Saibaba Anand Ashram, KEB Layout, 1st Stage, BTM Layout.
Temple Highlights
Gursthan was first inaugurated on 20th March 1998.
Saibaba temple was inaugurated on 19th Aug 1999 by Sri Ammula Sambashiva Rao.
The temple was built with support from public by Sri Sadguru Sainatha Seva Samithi (R).
A Vinayaka, Dattatreya and Subramanya Idols are present in Gurustan.
A Nandi Idol is present outside the Saibaba Mandir as in Shirdi.
Sri Saikoti Sthupa is present in front of the Saibaba Mandir.
Dhuni is situated on the right side of the saibaba mandir from the sacred fire brought directly from Shirdi.
Nanda deep is situated beside dhuni is also brought directly from Shirdi.
A Datta Paduka and Audumbar tree is present outside the temple premises exactly opposite to Gurustan.
Chavadi is present to the right side of the temple next to the free medical centre.
A newly renovated Saibaba Picture Gallery, Meditation Hall, "Sai Vision" Theatre for showing Pictures, Documentaries on Shirdi Saibaba and Commemorative Coins of Saibaba Maha Samadhi year 1918 were inaugurated on the auspicious day of Shri Ramanavami on 1st April 2012.
A Dining Hall is present next to Gurusthan.
Temple Photos
Activities and Services

Daily Programme

Aarti Timings :

Kakad Aarti 6:30 am
Mangala Aarti (Chota Aarti) 8:30 am
Noon Aarti 12:00 pm
Dhoop Aarti 6.15 pm
Shej Aarti 8:30 pm (On Thursday’s at 10:00 pm)
  1. Abhishekam daily from 7 am to 9 am at Gurusthan on payment of Rs. 101/- The devotees need not bring any pooja materials.
  2. Abhishekam from 9 am to 10.30 am to Panchaloha Murthy to be performed by devotees on advance booking payment of Rs. 351/-. The devotees need not bring any pooja materials.
  3. Dhuni pooja is performed daily at 11:45 am, 6:00 pm and 8:15 pm.
  4. Pallakki Seva is performed on payment of Rs. 101/- on every Thursday at 8:30 pm.
  5. Chamara Seva is performed on payment of Rs. 51/- on every Thursday at 8:30 pm

Special events

Satyanarayana Vratha to be performed once in a month on every full moon day (Poornima) by Devotees between 4 pm to 6 pm on payment of Rs.150/-. Satyanarayana Vratha Sankalpa to be performed once in a month on every full moon day (Poornima) by Devotees between 4 pm to 6 pm on payment of Rs. 15/-.The devotees need not bring any pooja materials.

Large Scale celebration of festivals:

1. New year day celebration (Flower decoration and Bhajans)
2. Sri Sai Nama Japam from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm will be performed on 2nd Sunday of February every year.
3. Sree Ramanavami
4. Guru Poornima
5. Temple Anniversary is held on 19th August of every year.
6. Vijayadashmi (Baba Samadhi day)
7. Datta Jayanthi.

On all the above occasions, Bhajans to be performed by special Bhajan troops. Baba Mahaprasadam shall be served to the devotees.

Social Service Activities:

  • Facility for free General Check up along with necessary medicines from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on all days except Sunday.
  • Facility for free Dental Check up along with necessary medicines from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm on all days except Sunday.
  • Blood Donation Camp is organized on 15th August (Independence Day) of every year.
  • Part reimbursement of Medical facility to the downtrodden section of the society is done by the temple authorities on the advice of the trust.
  • Free notebook distribution to poor students studying in Government Schools.
  • Free Uniform distribution to poor students studying in Government Schools.
  • Free Distribution of Sarees, Blankets and Shawls to old needy people.
Management Trustees
R.Suresh President
Y.S.Shekar Raju General Secretary
N.Bomma Raju Joint Secretary
C. Krishna Kumar Treasurer
K.R.Krishna Raju Member
M.Balanarayana Swamy Member
K.Jeeva Raju Member
K.Ravi Kumar Member
M.N.Vishwanath Member
Divine Miracles at the Temple
An Audumbar tree had formed by itself behind the gurusthan was accidentally destroyed by some people. Later on in the entire Mandir premises Audumbar trees started coming up (the trees used to come even in the flower pots).Then temple trustees prayed to Saibaba to limit the growth of Audumbar trees and retained two Audumbar trees one in front the Saibaba Mandir and other one opposite to gurusthan. After doing that, the formation of Audumbar trees stopped by itself.
A Sai devotee’s wife was suffering from tumor and was on liquid diet. The doctors at Chennai had advised operation after a month. On the inauguration day of the mandir the lady along with her mother-in-law had come for the darshan of Saibaba. It was around 12 pm and they were standing in queue to have the darshan of Saibaba. At that point of time suddenly she started vomiting. The mother-in-law advised the lady to control her vomiting sensation until the completion of Aarti. After Aarti Mahaprasadam distribution started. The temple authorities advised the devotees to have prasadam. The lady accordingly took Mahaprasadam along with her mother-in-law. Surprisingly, the pain started reducing with each intake of Mahaprasadam and it vanished completely at the end of the Mahaprasadam.
Mr.R.S.Mani was diagnosed by the doctors of having Heart Problem. He went to Jalappa Medical College Hospital, Kolar on the advise of his uncle for further diagnosis. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed acute heart problem and advised operation to be performed at the earliest. On the advise of the doctors, he went to Sathya Sai Hospital in Whitefield. The doctors at Sathya Sai Hospital prescribed some medicines and gave a date after 1 month for operation. After few days Mr.R.S.Mani while on his evening stroll saw Sri Sadguru Sainatha Seva Samithi (R) board erected at the beginning of 7th Main Road and decided to go the temple. In the temple he had the darshan of Saibaba and was about to leave the premises. At the time, he saw his old neighbor Mr.Shekar Raju and spoke to him after a gap of 16 years. Mr.Shekar Raju asked about his problem and advised him to do Mandala Pradakshina to Sri Sai Koti Sthupa. On the advise of Mr.Shekar Raju, he started the pooja regularly without fail. After 21 days he went to Sathya Sai Hospital again for checkup. The doctors after diagnosis told Mr. Mani that operation is not required at that point of time and asked to continue the medicines for one more month. Mr.R.S.Mani accordingly continued his Pradakshina and medicines for 1 more month. After 48 days, he went to Sathya Sai Hospital for check up again. To the surprise of the doctors at Sathya Sai Hospital, his problem had been solved by the grace of Sainatha Maharaj. The doctors told him that he is perfectly all right and no more medication is required. Mr.R.S.Mani was overwhelmed on hearing the news. Immediately he came to Mr.Shekar Raju and narrated the incident. Not only that, he became an ardent devotee of Saibaba from that day onwards and is regularly visiting the temple.

An Appeal

Sri Sadguru Sainatha Seva Samithi (R) solicits monetary support and contributions from the devotees and philanthropic public to successfully run the Temple. Donations can be sent way of Cash/Cheque/DD in favour of “Sri Sadguru Sainatha Seva Samithi (R)”

Location and Direction


Near Jayadeva Hospital, KEB Layout, BTM 1st Stage.


Sri Shirdi Saibaba Anand Ashram
Sri Sadguru Sainatha Seva Samithi (R)
7th Main, KEB Layout
BTM Layout, 1st Stage
Bangalore-560 029.

Contact Person:

Sri.Suresh/Mr.Shekar Raju/Sri.Krishna Kumar

Contact Numbers:

080-2668 9393/98450 49468/9900 000072/94490 29393



5 minutes walk from Mico Layout Bus Stop.

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